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Tool Design and Manufacturing

Composite scenario, in almost all the cases, has the tool being the fundamental part. (Parts being the clones of the tool have to qualify for fit and function). Identifying this purpose, TAML has established its own tooling talent pool with the capability to design, develop and manufacture both metallic and Composite tooling. Tool design being carried out in-house, metallic tooling made of Steel and Aluminum are outsourced to a bank of suppliers, periodically scrutinized by TAML for conformity. TAML also interfaces with renowned tool manufacturers in US & Europe for Manufacturing of Invar tooling for special applications.

Although the machines like rotary drilling station are available at the exclusive disposition of tooling team, the manufacturing infrastructure is also shared by tooling team based on the schedule requirement and availability.


TAML Tooling group has dedicated trained staff in both Wet layup & low temperature prepreg to manufacture Composite Tooling.

Current activity:  
  • Tools to support production: TAML has designed & manufactured more than 300 tools in the last 3 years, which includes Metallic Moulds, Composite Tooling, and Trimming/Drilling Fixtures.
  • Stand alone tooling programs: TAML is executing stand alone large composite tools of structural composite components using Low temperature curing prepegs.

Having its own design and production capability, the tooling team independently offers customer specific tooling requirements.

  • Tool Design
  • Tool Manufacturing –composite & metallic tools
Metallic tools
Composite tools

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