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TAML was the first company in INDIA to develop a light weight Bullet Proof Jacket in close co-ordination with Indian Army that could not only stop AK 47 and SLR bullets but also the DRAGUNOV sniper rifle bullet and secured the first order for light weight bullet proof jackets for the Indian Army.

TAML has so far supplied more than 160,000 light weight Bullet Resistant Jackets to the Indian Armed Forces and overall more than 200,000 Jackets, 50,000 bullet resistant Helmets to Indian and overseas defense and police forces thus making us INDIA’s largest supplier of Body Armour.

We have been also conferred with special recognition by Ministry of Defense,  Government of  India,  for having successfully indigenized these products.  TAML   was the FIRST Company in INDIA to be ISO 9001: 2000 certified for design, manufacture & supply of Armour products.


The various products offered by TAML and the features are as follows

Standard Assault Jackets
Commando / Tactical Vests and Jackets
Floatation Jackets for Naval force

All the jackets are LIGHT WEIGHT using special hybrid composite solutions.
They are available compliant to NIJ level IIA  to Level  IV

The jackets come equipped with various pockets and provision for other accessories like ammunition, grenades, radio, etc and are available in various colour combinations as required by customers.
The floatation jackets for the navy have a special feature wherein the wearer is automatically turned to be floating face up within a short time after being in the water.

The jackets can be designed to provide protection from 9 mm FMJ to AK 47 Indian ammunition, INSAS which are one of the most lethal ammunition currently in use.

The weight of the jackets are as low as 6.4 Kgs and can be offered in a variety of solutions designed to meet customer needs.

The next level of products offered are as follows.

Concealable vests
VIP/ Executive vests
Training and Riot gear

The concealable vests come designed to enhance wearer comfort without compromising on the protection offered. The jackets provide protection upto AK47 FMJ ammunition. The jackets are equipped with thermal packs that can be used to keep the body cool/ warm depending upon the weather. These jackets provide 360 Deg protection and are also offered as a kit so that the outer fabric can be washed and changed as required. The weight of these jackets are as low as 2 Kg.

The VIP/ Executive vest are designed to provide protection against 9 mm FMJ and are designed to be supplied in different premium fabrics and discreet.

We can also supply riot gear which are light weight, washable, easy and quick to wear and provide protection against kicks, blows and even clubs. These can be given with fire retardant material also on request.

Training gear are most useful to most law enforcement staff and the armed forces so that the staff can get into actual fighting situations and get trained suitably. The gear takes the impact of all the blows and makes the training more effective.

Bullet Proof Headgear:  

TAML manufactures  helmets and ultra light weight headgear  which can  be used  depending upon the operation involved.

The features of the bullet proof helmets are

Protection as per NIJ level II and Level IIIA.

Protect against 9 mm FMJ, Indian sten machine gun and MP-5 sub machine gun

Weight of the helmets range from 1.2 to 1.4 Kgs.

Helmets can come with different options like visor, communication sets etc.

Design is such that one can use equipment like night vision devices, binoculars etc easily

Ultra Light Weight Headgear:  

The company also offers an ultra light weight headgear which has  protection provided all round the circumference of the head and is very light.

The product can come either in a pure composite solution or as a combination of steel and composite.
When used in conjunction with steel and composite the protected area can stop even a AK47 bullet.
Weight of this product is less than 1 Kg

Car Blanket:  
This is a unique product which is designed to look like a brief case and can be discreetly carried by the VIP protection team and can be quickly deployed. When deployed it can act as a shield around the VIP who can be escorted to safety.

In the event of any sudden attacks, it can also be used a shield to approach the threat.
When travelling in a threat zone, the blanket can be deployed to cover the  window glass in a car to provide protection against splinters from explosives.

The brief case comes in various sizes depending upon the  protection desired and also can offer protection against various ammunition ranging from 9 mm FMJ, MP-5, Indian sten machine gun to even AK47.

The weight of the case can vary from 4 to 10 kgs depending upon the protection  required.


This is a classical quick deployment shield  which can be used  as a sentry post in various public installations,  road blocks etc.
These are light weight, thermally insulating and can be easily folded and transported wherever required.
The product provides protection against SLR and AK47 burst fire.
This also comes in a  bullet resistant steel variant if required.
In the event of there being a firing incident, the affected area of the panel can be replaced in the field and then reused subsequently.
There are view ports made of bullet proof glass

Ballistic barrier:  

This is a smaller version of the Morcha and comes in a light weight composite version

This has a set of wheel and a handle so that a person can move towards a target using this as abarrier.

The ballistic barrier has a bullet proof glass view port and a gun resting firing port.

This can be used either as a stationary protection wall or as a movable equipment.

Very quickly deployed it can used as and where required

This offers burst fire protection against SLR, AK47 and INSAS

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